Director, O.I.E.C

About Ding Ding

When it comes to Real Estate there is no substitute for experience, energy and dedication to servicing clients’ needs, which Ding Ding undeniably possesses. Having come to Melbourne on an Investment Immigration Scheme, with a vast experience of the property market in China, Ding Ding has not only maintained her many buyers and contacts that she has cultivated in over ten years of selling properties in China but also those she has now established in Melbourne; utilising her full understanding of that scheme. Furthermore Ding Ding believes that she is in the service industry and her dedication to servicing her clients is therefore legendary.

The number of clients and developers that have become close friends is a testament to that philosophy and that is why they come back again and again. Demonstrating her ambition and genuine passion for the property industry, Ding Ding established D-Australia Real Estate in 2014 starting with off the plan sales followed by a Property Management Department in 2018 and more recently the Company has successfully transitioned to the wider residential market.

In this context Ding Ding has been responsible for creating an innovative and prestigious vision for marketing and transacting the very best properties in all price categories and different residential areas. Where her understanding of the needs and the thinking process of the Chinese buyers is appreciated by her many clients who value her strong negotiation skills, sound advice and ability to assist them with their on-going investment strategies.

Ding Ding may be contacted on:

Office: 03-9890 0808
Mobile: 0426 667 513